Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why I Love to Get the Pink Cricut Expression

Hello guys!

I don't have my Cricut yet, actually I haven't ordered one yet. I am still looking for someone who can order for me from the US and send it to me thru FedEx or LBC. This kind of shipment is way cheaper than the retail store sending it directly to the Philippines. Of course, I will pay for all the expenses. So if you know of someone who can do it for me, please let me know.

But today, I will be sharing features of the Pink Cricut Expression that I am planning to purchase. I am actually torn between getting the Reconditioned Cricut Expression or this bundle from

The main reason why I would love to get this edition is because it's PINK, period.

Other great features of the machine are: (information taken from

Pink Cricut Expression with Pink Journey, Accent Essentials, and Plantin Schoolbook cartridges
Make your crafts impressively expressive.
Whether you’re designing a scrapbook of your family vacation or making 200 wedding invitations for your best friend, the Cricut Expression® easily ensures your creative possibilities are truly endless.
Larger than the Cricut® Create or the Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter, the Cricut Expression® precisely cuts letters, shapes, and motifs in impressive sizes using the 12" x 24" mat or the 12" x 12" mat. You can also create bigger die cuts for classroom decor, scrapbook layouts, signage, and so much more.
Buy your Cricut Expression® today and start exploring the depths of your creativity.
Includes the Pink Journey Solutions cartridge, Plantin SchoolBook font cartridge, and the Accent Essentials® shape cartridge.

And what's tempting about this featured product is it comes with 2 12 x 24 cutting mats and two 12 x 24 New Decor Vinyls for $199.99. How amazing is that!

Cricut® Vinyl Rose Pink

New Decor Vinyl from Decor Basics comes in two 12" x 24" sheets per pack. These adhesive-backed sheets of 3 mil vinyl are available in a range of colors for trendy home decor, window signage, and crafting! 

Cricut® 12 x 24 Cutting Mats

By Provo Craft®. 2 mats per package, the Cricut® cutting mat has a tacky surface to hold paper in place. Using both mats allows you to cut one thing while working on another. Mats last 25-40 full mat cuts depending on paper used. Never try to use a spray adhesive with these mats or your Cricut® machine. Doing so would void its warranty.

If you want to check this deal, you can visit for more information.

Since this machine is very versatile and brings your imagination to life, this is definitely a crafter's dream. And I have been dreaming to have this the day I saw it!

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